Hi, I’m Erin!

I’m 30. I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts in a really cute apartment with my even cuter husband. I love giraffes, knitting, gaming and reading. I hope to learn how to crochet and make jewelry eventually.  I graduated from a small liberal arts college with a useless English degree, because it’s foolish to think an eighteen-year-old actually knows what she wants to do with her life when she picks her major.

My defining traits are my short hair, short stature, and short attention span. I am good at having hilarious bedhead, embarrassing myself and copyediting. My vices are video games, delicious beer and using food as a vehicle for hot sauce. Sleeping is my superpower.

I’m kind of a square. “Nerd” would be a more appropriate term. I find myself relating to Socially Awkward Penguin frequently.

I’m passionate about public health and sexual education.